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The Heart Beat

We as singers understand the importance of the drum and the energy each group of singers brings to each gathering.  We want all of the fans of Indian Country who love pow wow music to enjoy it, whether it comes from a recording or if you happen to experience it live.  As singers we have been honored by many pow wows throughout California thanks to our drum's heart.  We would love to continue that journey in a good way.

Paula Photography Drum Photo


Even though recordings are not permitted at gatherings and ceremonies, it does not stop us from attending.  We have youth members who work with us and travel with the Blood River Singers and it's members.  These gatherings help teach us to be humble and build character.  In addition to all the great teachings we have learned over the years, we also get the benefit of enjoying beautiful scenery.

Pow Wow

We love to sing at pow wows, we enjoy watching the dancers dance and get excited when it is our time to shine.  Having dancers come up to the drum and honor us is a blessing.  We understand the importance of having a quality recording.  Our goal is to bring the pow wow to life from a CD, and to help those who want to get a CD recorded possible.

If there are any drum groups who would like to get a CD done contact us from our contact page.